Peel off lip-stains…worth the dosh?

I’ve had these Romantic Bear Wow lip-stains for just over a month and I think I’m finally getting used to them. Haha

When the first arrived I was a little disappointed they didn’t come with any instructions and seemed very ‘gunky’. The first few time I used them were a complete failure, I got the lip stain everywhere! And they really do stain! It was just a thick sticky mess! But the I still liked the final results. I had subtle lip colour that lasted all day/night.

So I got on YouTube and searched for videos. Eventually I found one I could understand, in Spanish, my Spanish is very limited but I got the jist. So I tried again and even though there was still some mess it was a much better experience. Now after using them more often I can truly say they are well worth them money.

If you want colour that lasts all day and feels like you’re not wearing anything try these! Just be patient with them! depending on how thick you apply it, it can take up to 20 mins to set. But I put mine on after my foundation and finish the rest of my make up and hair whilst it sets.




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