My Must Haves!

So since I started work again, after my maternity leave my shopping addiction has not slowed. I just can’t resist! I think my boyfriend is getting concerned….we’re buying a house…he’s the sensible one.

And heres a what I think you need in your wardrobe …..

1.Fashion tie waist joggers- I love these! Love love love these! They’re super comfortable! And easy to wear. I usually pair mine with a black/white body and either a sleeveless jacket or a long-line cardigan. They also look great with my duster coat! I currently have black /white ones and khaki ones but at £8 (Primark) I will definitely be buying more!

2. Sleeveless jackets/waistcoats- I’m obsessed! I love these! I mean I only have 3. But I wear them a lot! They go with everything. I wear them with dresses, trousers, jeans, skirts, shorts….just everything! I have a khaki military style one from Primark £13, A duster style one from Primark £13 and a suit style on from Dorothy Perkins that I got for about £15 2 years ago!

3.Khaki waterfall jacket- This was part of yesterdays ootd. This is my most recent buy and I love it. Again its really versatile. Looks great with jeans, and I’ve tried it with a dress and a waist belt and that looks great too! Because its plain and ‘floaty’ it just sits really well with so much! I would recommend heading down to Primark and grabbing one for £20!

4.Trophy Jackets/Cardigans-  I wear these for work a lot! Even though the jackets are quite formal they also look great with a pair or jeans, skinny, relaxed, mom…any jeans really. I have jackets from Primark that are now both in their sale!!!! Yay! and a cardigan from their as well as a kimono style jacket from River Island last year!

5. Slip/Cami dress.- I got this khaki (can you tell I like Khaki?) slip dress from Primark £8. They have some other colours and prints in there too for the same price! I love this so much. I get up super early for work and throwing this on with tights and ankle boots is so easy! I’ve also just ordered a sheer fitted long sleeved top to go underneath for days I don’t want to wear a cardigan/ jacket. Its a bit revealing without something else but that works well for a night out! With some heels!

6. Maxi/Midi tunic dresses- Its getting closer to summer and I’m easing myself in by adding some maxi dresses to my wardrobe. I have a blue paisley print shirt maxi that I team up with a cami and leggings and either ankle boots or over the knee boots. I also have a t-shirt maxi, its striped and looks really casual but I added a waistcoat and boots the other day and I looked quite dressed up! I love an easy outfit! I also got a terracotta one from Primark, its more of a midi length and I didn’t really like it on its own so I teamed it up with some jeggings and I think it looked great. I’ve never been a fan of my legs so this is perfect when you’re having a bad leg day!

7. Shirt dresses- I have a couple of these I have the maxi, and a mini that buttin all the way down. I also have 2 that zip/button don to the waist and then have a more tuniv style bottom. Really easy I just put tights and boots on and voila! I’m done. They also look great with leggings if you want to feel more covered up!

And thats just a few of my favorite this at the mo! Check out tomorrows post on…..How to wear shorts, when its not quite summer!

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