How to…..wear shorts when its not quite summer.


Summer is fast approaching. Summer trends are sneaking their way on to the racks. But is it appropriate to start wearing shorts already?…..ummm yes! We are fashion icons and we wear what we like!

But it is a little cold still huh? Well here is a couple of ideas to keep you warm but keep your outfit on fire!So sit back and enjoy browsing!

I’ve added some of my favorite shorts looks that are perfect for spring, autumn and winter wear. Including; classic tailored, paper bag, denim and knee length shorts. All teamed up with our favorite, blazer, leather jacket, bomber jacket or coat, there’s even still some chunky knits in here.

There are definitely some a trendy looks here. Great for showing off your pretty pins without looking like a freak who thinks its summer because the sun said hello!. Now I recommend to always wear tights under shorts to have that extra layer of warmth. But I always love the shorts, socks and boots look! And girls who wear this, I salute you…I hate the cold and will wear as many layers as possible! (I’m a wimp)

For all of you who are more into a grunge style, take a look at some of these patterned tights. Team them up with a chunky sweater and biker jackets or vest and you’re on to a winner. I know what you’re thinking! What freaking shoes do I wear, girl what shoes do you want to wear? I say trainers, pumps, courts and boots are all fabulous for this transitional look. Save the sandals for summer ladies!

No matter what kind of shorts you have, pairing them with tights will give you that perfect cold season look to last autumn to winter to spring! I mean it goers without saying avoid you beach shorts, save those for that bikini weather that is just around the corner!  Now what girl doesn’t dream of wearing denim cut offs with a simple blouse/blazer combo and looking effortlessly grungey and stylish! My personal faves are high-waisted, and I love to team them up with a boyfriend blazer and pussy bow blouse!

If you want a look that is more office appropriate go for knee length shorts with a blazer/ankle boot combo.


but What do you think? How to you wear your shorts when its still arctic out there? I love you hear from you!


And don’t forget to check out tomorrows beauty post on……my simple everyday make up look!

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