10 things…to keep in your handbag.

Here is the second installment of my “10days of 10.” Is one is pretty self explanatory. Its just a simple list of 10 items to have in your hand bag everyday! I’ve not included things such as house keys, car keys, phones, tablets etc. We now live in a world where these things are constantly with us anyway. They are now part of you! Lol and I don’t remember the last time I left my phone/keys at home (notice how said phone first? #priorities)Also even though I am a mum I’m not including the suitcase worth of stuff I usually take out with me when I’m wit my daughter. Its just stuff I like to have handy everyday 🙂

1. Wipes/Hand gel- I actually consider these essential! Especially when travelling. Mainly for hygiene reasons; some people actually disgust me….sneezing, coughing and not covering their mouths, not washing their hands. Just gross. And as well I’m not sure how many of you work/have worked in retail, but if you’ve ever had the carry clothes on hangers all day you get black smudges all over you hands; I call this hanger rot, but basically its dirt from everyone else who has ever touched that hanger. Anti bacterial wipes are my saviour! They’re also really good at wiping you eyebrows up when you get caught in the rain……

2. Plasters- yes I am thinking of your health again. I’m the kind of person who could cut their finger in an empty padded room.They’re really handy when wearing new shoes too! We all know how much time wearing in a new pair of shoes take and how many blisters. Trust me plasters are always needed.

3. A mirror- does this one really need explaining? Mine is also bronzer so its double handy.

4. Speedy highlighter stick – I mentioned this in my post yesterday.its not very big and comes in handy when you need a little touch up/brighten up.

5. Lipseal/lipstick- in think its a really good idea to keep one or two colours in your bag to touch up through the day? Having a different colour helps if you like to go out after work for dinner or drinks, something to take you from day to night.

6.headphones/earphones- I commute to work and Bering on a train without these is actual torture.

7.mascara- again we all need little touch ups through the day.

8. A notepad and pen- even if I forget my notepad I have a pen and scrap paper, to write down any ideas, things I need to remember, shopping lists; just anything. You could use your phone. But mine always runs low on battery as I take pictures and send them to other for work.

9.Hairbrush and ties- I find that even on days where my hair looks just perfect down I’ll get really into something at work and just want it off my face.

10. A charger!- like i said my phone is always running on low, at the moment its because I lost my spare charger! But I used to always have on in my bag nobody likes being without their phone and I really need mine for work and to keep in touch with childcare etc. So I really need to replace mine and possibly get a portable one.



What can you guys not go a day without? Is there anything you would add to this list? I’d love to hear what you think….check back tomorow for the next 10 days of 10. (10 spring/summer shoes to buy now!)

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