10 transitional pieces to keep in your wardrobe

Its officially the first day of spring! But the weather seems to forget that from time to time. Will it rain?  Have we had that last winter frost? Will we have that sunshine we’ve been dreaming of for months? The last few years tell us anything is possible. And with that being said it is essential that we have a stash of clothing suitable for this transitional period. These items are all about creating layers, that will keep you warm but can also be taken off so you can cool down. Now if you’re unsure of what to put together in order to look like you’ve stepped out of winter and into spring, here’s a list of my top 10 things to keep in your closet for a rainy day…or a not so rainy day.

Number one probably comes as no surprise to you, its a classic trench coat. Now this isn’t exactly mind blowing, but trench coats are lightweight, easy to layer and timeless. I suggest spending money on one that’ll last, to keep in your wardrobe as these are also a great piece to have when summer is ending and Autumn?/winter is looming. This one from river island looks classic and stylish and is a great addition to any spring out fit and its a bargain at £80shopping

This one from miss Selfridge is a little less traditional, but would be a great addition to any wardrobe! Another bargin at £75


now this one by Burberry is the definition of classic. I honestly think nobody does the trench coat better. This one is £550 so it won’t be within everyone’s price range, bit the ones on the high street add just as much style and finesse.


Number two, the long sleeved striped tee. This really is one of the most versatile prices to have. Its also one you don’t need to spend a lot of money on. When it comes to colour and style its completely up to you, it all depends on what you intend to wear with it. And there really are no rules as to what you can wear with this. Check out this one from Urban Outfitters for £22,


this would look great with a denim a line skirt or even some tailored trousers. Or this one from Fat Face for £15,


that’d look great with some flared jeans and your trench coat!

Number three the pointed flat, its time to ditch those winter boots! And start getting our feet ready to step into summer. But remember they have been hiding for no the from that winter weather so let’s ease them in slowly. Pointed flats are great as a step between boots and summer sandals. ASOS have tonnes of styles and colours from £22, just like these ones


and these from topshop are a bargain at £18!!!


Again there really are no rules with these. They’re polished and chic and a great addition to anyones wardrobe.

Number four, cropped trousers. These are a great alternative to jeans or a skirt and tights. And you get to show off that little bit of leg. They’re great for work with a sheer blouse or shirt. Or wear them with your stripe shirt and trench coat for a more casual look. These ones from Dorothy Perkins are only £22


and will go with everything. These also from Dorothy Perkins and also £22 are great for us girls who like to be a little more bold, plus strips are the way forward this spring.


Number five the chambray shirt. These are everywhere at the moment, so its a really good time to invest in one. They’re heavier than the classic oxford shirt but still have the style and timeless look everyone is after. If its a warm day room up your sleeves and pair with a midi skirt, and on those colder days add jeans and a fine knit to create layers ( I told you layers were key). This one from Hollister is great to add a little bit of colour and at £19.99


I’m not complaining. This one from topshop is £29 and comes in a couple of colours and has that classic spring look.


Number six the long line cardigan. Its really essential to have something in your wardrobe for those days where the sun is shinning but the chill is still in the air. Keep it cosy but not too heavy, use this instead of your winter coat or trench coat. This one from New Look is gorgeous and at £24.99 is a great buy!


This one by Karen Millen comes in a couple of colours and I love the buttons on here, its £110 so its not exactly a steal but if your willing to spend the money this will be something you can use season after season, year after year.


Number seven  the long sleeve dress. These look really good with a knitted or tailored waistcoat and ankle boots,tights optional. When I say long sleeve anything 3/4 length or longer works here. As its spring go for something that’s girly and floaty save the bodycon for you night out. This one from H&M is a bargain at £19.99. It comes in 2 colours, team it with a belted cardigan  boots and wide brimmed hat for a chic street style look.


This one from Dorothy Perkins is stunning and £15  have one very similar I got in the ASOS sale that I wear with a tailored black waistcoat and knee high boots.


Number eight the lightweight scarf, its time to pry that chunky knit away from our necks. And its difficult! I love my heavy tartan scarf and saying good bye for a few months is difficult! But I’ve started to swap it for a simple lightweights scarf. If you’re wearing a plain outfit these are great to use to add colour or pattern. This silk scarf by Moschino is beautiful and at £115 it should be!


If you think £115 is a bit too much for an accessorie try something like these, both from Boohoo (£6 & £3).

Number nine the boyfriend fit jean these are great all year round but look great at this time of year with your pointed flats. I like the worn look jeans with rips etc. These from topshop;£42;are great for that look, and will look great with your like long sleeved stripe top.


If you don’t like distressed jeans these are great, from Fat Face, £45, these are more relaxed but look great dressed up with a sheer blouse and a blazer.


Number ten the wide brimmed hat last but not least. These come back year after year, whether you bring your woolen one through from winter or swap it for a straw summer hat. These are the accessory to have. This one from ASOS ,£20, is perfect for an edgey look.


And this one also from ASOS and also £20 has that more classic look.


And how about this one as a straw alternative from topshop is also £20. It has the classic shape and will have you looking summer ready!


Did we miss anything? What would you add to this list? Come back for more tomorrow with my list of 10 holiday essentials.

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