10 Holiday Essentials….getting summer ready!!

I am currently writing this from my sick bed. I have been ill for the past few days,and I’ve missed a couple of days of posting. But I’m back!!!! Yay!

And today I’m getting back to my 10 days of 10. D today’s post is…….10 holiday essentials. My top ten things to take on holiday! We’re all fed up of this winter air so let’s get thinking of summer,and get sun sea and sand ready!

1. This is actually the most important! Some comfy shoes!!! Even your feet need a holiday!

2.The bikini. Obvs pack a couple. But find one that makes a statement. One that will add that extra glow to your tan. Go for warm colours,orange, bright pink, golds.

3.In My Must Haves!  post I mentioned the slip dress. These would also be on your holiday must have list. Try a maxi or a midi with some lace up sandals for a simple,chic holiday look.

4. The statement sandal the all rounder. Pack a shoe that is good for every occasion. A day trip. The beach. Dinner. Drinks or even a party. Jewelled sandals are a winner here.

5. Statement shorts. Again make these something you can wear both day and night.

6.The sunglasses. This year its all about being a little bit quirky. But find a pair you like. And you think look good! If you like classic styles aviators are my fave !

7.The simple tee. A simple sports tee is so easy to create an outfit with, especially with Some demon cut offs. Or chuck it over you bikini whilst you chill in the shade.

8. Your holiday hat. The classy lady always has a wide brimmed hat. And for those of us who like things a little less….wide? A classic straw trilby is perfect.

9.The multi use swimsuit. For the past few years swimsuits have become sexy again! But don’t just think theyre for the beach.  Find the right one and use it as a top! For lunch, for drinks and for a night on the town.

10.The cover up. Think Bohemia, sheer, tassels. It can be a dress. A kimono,. A vest. But make it something that goes with all your swimwear.


3 thoughts on “10 Holiday Essentials….getting summer ready!!

    1. Excellent! I love the excitement leading up to a holiday. I’ll be doing a piece on my fave beach looks next week. You should check it out!! Xx


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