The informal/formal trouser

So I recently created a formal look on one of my mannequin stands at work and I adore the trousers I used.

But I don’t really wear formal wear that often. So can formal trousers be casual everyday trousers…..well it depends on the trousers.

Suit trousers are just that, part of a suit.

But take a look at these….image

Here I’ve created quite a formal look. It’s not too formal but chuck on a cute blazer or sleeveless blazer and hello stylish workwear.

But these these trousers also look great with trainers and a sweat top..or add a bit of colour and a denim jacket and you’ve got a fun weekend outfit.


To create a look like this. Pick a patterned pair of trousers. They’re much easier to make look less formal without looking too sloppy. Primark have some great ones; mine are from there and were only £11. These came in 5/6 different colours/patterns. And I love them. They’re super comfy! And super easy to just throw on!

I just found out that we will be home owners at the end of the month so I will be really busy packing up our current house and decorating our new place etc. But I will post as often as I can!




3 thoughts on “The informal/formal trouser

  1. Super cute! My office is “business casual” and I have so many patterned pants because I refuse to look to formal – in or out of the office! Love the way you styled these with trainers!


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