VM life….1

Just thought I’d give you guys a summary of what I did last week. I only do half days at work at the moment but they’re really full on. I’m the only VM in store and all the department managers have jobs for me. Most days I want to split myself in two!

But here’s some of the looks I created….

Sheer Romance.

This story is very floral, floaty and pretty. It’s an intro to Summer with a Spring colour palette.

Heres my girls. These ladies are the lead into store;


This is a really girly trend. It’s not really my style. But I do love it! It’s how I would dress if I were really girly!! Aha.


Next at is the feature wall to go with this trend. I didn’t have too many floral prints at the time. But I stuck to crochet styles and pinks/pastel colours.

Moving on to a different trend. Laundered and Humble. This trend is getting a little old and I’m kind of over it. But I’ve just refreshed this mannequin stand. These girls are casual, everyday girls.



The he next trend is also getting a little old. But stock is still coming in and it’s getting a little bit brighter and fresher.

It’s a boho kind of trend. Reds, oranges, yellows, khakis.

I really ally love this dark red! And I am obsessed with Khaki! But these are probably my fave outfits in store at the moment.

I have two feature walls for this trend. And this wall is really casual it’s in my tees section. So I’ve put together tees, vests and shorts for a summer feel. It’s also next to my swim and beach dept. So I wanted to get that holiday vibe, whilst still achieving the boho look.

So this is all the work I did on one department in store. I love my job and I love putting looks together that I wouldn’t normally wear myself.

I basically play play with giant babies all day! Haha

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