To the beach…..the cover up edit

So we’ve covered you bikinis…but wait you want to go grab a quick drink? Or grab a bite to eat. And you want something easy to throw on. It’s okay we’ve got you covered….ha ha?

Whatever your style having a cover up is a holiday essential! Even if it’s your boyfriends old tee! But here’s a few of my fave slightly more glam cover ups.

So this one is a little expensive for us on a typical salary. But it is stunning. And I’m sure somewhere we can find one on the high street.

This one is just as gorgeous and the price is much more my style.

These 2 dress style cover ups can double as a cute outfit for evening drinks!!

If you’re just after something simple these kimono style ones are easy to throw on and look great with any style swimwear.

Thee last couple are a more typical style cover up. They still look beautiful and because they cover them up they’ll go with any style of swimwear.

So that’s it. Just a few of my fave cover ups to go with my previous post which you can find here .

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