The Three Toed Bear

Yesterday I found Evie’s journey box, where we kept a few things from our time in NICU. And I realised I do not talk about her enough…so here’s a little story of my Evie bear’s journey so far with Fibula Hememilia.

Evie was born with fibula hemimelia, in her case it is the partial absence of one of the bones in her lower leg. With this she also had a hyper-extended knee (basically her toes were tickling her tummy) and speaking of toes, her left foot only has 3 of them. And it’s the cutest god damn thing I’ve ever seen! Her surgeon said although it’s a mild case of fibula hememilia, she is the most difficult and unique case she has had to deal with. But so far she has been amazing and she is the reason my little girl can walk today. 

After a series of casts;first and latest  (which is from when she fractured her leg at xmas) pictured above. Her leg is the right way she walks like any other little girl, except when she’s tired…then she gets super clumsy, and so far we’ve had two fractures in the same leg and a bad bump on the nose, among other minor bumps and bruises. 

For now we visit the hospital every 6months but this year there’s a surgery on the cards and I know she’ll take it in her stride….even if mummy and daddy don’t. 

I’m so proud of the little girl she has become. And the things she learns every day. She’s brave and strong….

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