Raising Evie….looking good. 

This is the first in my series of raising Evie. Raising children now is completely different to how I was raised. I still ask my mum for advice, I mean she raised three kids and did a damn good job of it. But times are different. And social media and the access we have to it is a big game changer. And I feel as a Mum I need to prepare my daughter for the troubles she may face, and prevent as much hurt and unhappiness as I can. 

 Don’t take what I write as set in stone or even too seriously it’s just  a little insight to a modern day Mum and little girl! 

I feel like a few people may disagree with my way of thinking. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting my daughter to look good. 
Now by no means am I going to tell her she’s too fat or too thin or that she needs to be anything other than what she is.I will make sure she knows it’s okay to not be 100% happy with yourself, we all have our hang ups and when she’s older I want her to talk to me about them. I don’t want her to bottle things away, people; younger people especially need to know that if anything is niggling at you or hurting you or upsetting you the best thing to do is talk about it. I never want her to be afraid to tell me something. 
And I think it’s just as important to teach them to put and effort into how they look. We live in a world where image is important; as sad as it may sound; it’s true. The first judgement we make of people is how they look, anyone who says anything different is a liar. Opinions can change by getting to know someone obviously; but we do judge people first on how they look. 

I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to look good. I’m not saying she has to plaster make up on or get a fake tan. I just want her to embrace her natural beauty and take care of it; and if she does want to wear make up or get a tan, cool, we can share tips and tricks! 

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