February’s Glossybox

Sooo I missed January’s glossybox post, we were away with our Evie for a hospital visit. 

And soon February came and a new glossybox arrived. 

I think this is the first glossybox where I’ve never tried at least one of the products before hand. So I was super excited to give them all a go! 

First things first we got 4…yes 4 full sized products, along with 1 tester sized product. 

Let’s talk about the box. Valentines is just around the corner so of course we have a love theme going on here. I do like to keep some of my boxes as extra storage for makeup/beauty products and I think this one makes the cut! 

Now on to the products; l’eau de rose by Jeanne Arthes 

again valentines theme. It was the first product I tried. I sprayed it straight away. Now perfume smells differently on everyone’s skin. But to me this smells lovely, it’s floral but fruity at the same time. And a little old fashioned, but it’s a nice change to my regular perfume. RRP £20

Beat the blues in Oyster Gold by MeMeMe.

I tried this on the back of my hand straight away. I found the consistency a little thick. But the fishes look is perfect for a bold highlight look. The golden colour will be the perfect accompaniment to a summer tan! RRP £7.25
Paint pot in Iced Frappe by Coates London.

It’s a lovely nude colour, slightly pinky. For me it definitely held its own against my toughest test. Work! I never usually do my nails because within about an hour they’re chipped, scuffed, completely gone. But other than a couple of minor chips the nail varnish held strong, and it’s a lovely colour to compliment any outfit. 

Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub by  la theorie des volcans.

This is a beaut! Works as a lovely cleanser. Starts off as a pinky colour and turns grey when is ready to be washed of. Deffo left my face feeling refreshed and ready for the day! RRP £26

Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Reatorer Balm by Garnier 

I need more of this! This little shot worked wonders on my damaged hair. I stopped straightening my hair a year-ish ago, I do it on occasion, but no longer everyday to help restore and repair my dry hair and this little tester of conditioner gave me similar results to my weekly keratin hair mask! And it smells amaze! RRP £4.49 for full sized product.  

Overall February’s glossybox was a great insight to some beauty products that I would never usually try! And I might even add some to my beauty bag! 😊😊😊😊😊

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