Raising Evie….hospital update

I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since we were last at the hospital with Evie talking about what happens next. We went on Friday for her latest review and to find out what’s next for this little princess…..

Although they can see a lot of things “wrong” with Evie’s leg, she has so much growing to do that they  just want her to keep growing. 

So far they’re pleased that they haven’t had to do any surgery and thankfully no surgery any time soon! I know one will have to happen eventually and the longer we go without one the worse it’ll probably be when it happens. 

We have got a little more clarity on what’s going on in her knee, ligaments are missing (probably, which is why I said “a little more” haha) and the surgeon is confident that she can easily do something to fix that. And I trust her. 

So again we wait for another 6 months until we go again. Mainly to keep an eye on the difference in leg length and Evie’s left foot. She almost let us wait a year but I think she just loves seeing Evie! And who wouldn’t? 

So again we play the waiting game. And hope that Evie doesn’t break her leg in that time. 😂😩😐

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