Raising Evie….week with mummy

So it was back to the usual routine today, and getting up this morning after a lovely week off was bad enough, however I mainly hated it because I had such a great week with Evie. 

She’s become such a funny and independent girl and I truly loved this week. We didn’t do anything amazing, we walked to the local shops, went to the park, used potatoes and plastic cutlery to make paintings for daddy to take to work. She even helped me do some housework. 

She’s also totally got the hang of this talking lark. And the words she knows now means we can actually have a conversation….I only understand like 1 in 10 words but she loves it. Bossing mummy about has become sooo much easier for her. 

Of course the week was also full of tantrums and telling offs….she drew on my dinning chair, which in reality is my fault…never leave pens, pencils, crayons where a toddler can get them and use them unsupervised. Haha. 

But that aside, I really missed her today.And I’m really really really looking forward to some more mummy daughter time at Easter!

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