Raising Evie…feeling loved

Reallllly late post today because Evie is ill….like not really ill. She appears to have some kind of river in her nostrils….it doesn’t stop! So my entire house, myself, Frazer and Evie are covered! Gross! 

Anyway now we think we’ve got rid of it all and put the sicky to bed I get a bit of time to tell you just how lovely my little lady really is.

You know some days when you’re just exhausted, it wasn’t any busier than usual….you’ve just kind of hit a wall. Well today is that day for. I’m tired! And usually my afternoons are filled with games, taking clothes off dolly, putting clothes back in dolly, saying hello to peppa pig….but today was different I came home to a slightly poorly baby and we cuddled on the sofa for a bit and I told Evie, “mummy is very tired” and she says, “tired. Cuddle.” And gets up and spends the rest of the afternoon entertaining herself…..

To the world it may not seem much but to me she completely understood what mummy needed. And in those moments I realise, we’re totally doing this parenting thing right! 

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