We stand with London…

So tonight is filled with sadness. And it’s unfortunate to say that even though this is upsetting….what happened I London no longer shocks me and it no longer frightens me. What does scare me is that fact. The fact we’re becoming immune to the news of another terrorist attack. 

Terrorist attacks are expected now. Whilst it was unbelievable to hear what actually happen, I wasn’t shocked. And I hate that I can say that.  I hate that by the time my daughter is grown up she’ll feel the same….

In a way I am lucky to have a Facebook full of people marking themselves as safe, and I truly feel for all those families who are not so lucky. 

And remember when saying goodbye to your loved ones, end it with “I love you” because they could be the last words you say to one another and you’ll never regret telling them one last time. 

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