Raising Evie…Mother’s Day and love 

Today I come to you from my sick bed. Also known as the sofa. Evie has been using her shoes as various different things for her toys for the past half and hour and I must say I’m impressed…so far they’ve been on car rides, they’ve been beds, houses, super duper big shoes for Peppa and George. And her imagination keeps going, it’s a nice little reminder that it doesn’t take a lot to keeonher happy. 

Now Evie is spoilt and we are very lucky to be able to spoil her. However I would never judge a parent’s love for their child based on the things they have. Love is about more than spending money. Love is joining in their games, picking them up when they fall, encouraging confidence and strength. 

Evie doesn’t need a million presents to know she is loved. She needs our time and our encouragement. She needs our patience and understand. She needs happiness and she needs time to be her weird and wonderful self. 

Which takes me to yesterday,mothers day.  We spent the day with my family, since Frazer went to watch the England match at Wembley. It was a lovely afternoon spent in the garden where Evie collected sticks,  played ball and discovered ants…She picked them up and gave them to everyone. She was well and truly worn out by the time we got home but she had the perfect day. Which means I had the perfect day,  despite feeling ill. And to top it off Evie got me the perfect mothers day present to go with my new copper kitchen 😁

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