March Glossybox review….

How is it the end of March already!!!! Like how did that happen! In a way I’m happy because it’s nearly Easter which means 10 days off with my baby girl…but at the same time this year is going too fast! 

As next months Glossybox dispatches in the next week or so, I thought I’d get my butt in to gear and tell you all what I thought of this months box! 

Okay first up! Oolution, eye love. Don’t you just love the name…Oolution. 

Now I’ve been using this at bedtimes on and off, mainly off because of my weird eye thing that happened. Check out my Instagram! I think this will also make a great under eye primer! 

As soon as I put this on, about 2 mins after the box arrived, I felt it working its magic. Now I get up a 4:30am most days and by bedtime I can feel how puffy my eyes are and usually puffiness is still a thing in the morning. Using this a few times and it’s definitely helped me feel more refreshed in the morning. 

To top it all off the ingredients are 100% natural. 

Downside £30 for a mere 15ml makes me want to cry a little. I think the price lost it for me and this will not become a regular in my make up bag for this reason. 

Up next….This works; in transit camera close up primer. Now isn’t that a mouthful! 

Sometimes I feel like Glossybox just knows! I was about to run out of my primer and what comes through my door this!! 

I’ve been using this regularly and it’s a great primer! Actually it’s wonderful! Firstly it smells amazing, I’ve never had a primer that smells good! Have you ever tried NYX primer? It’s smells funky! This finish is great, perfect base for my make up, its a brightening primer so don’t expect a matte effect, I like that it brightens your face! 

Okay price again this is £30, which is about double the price of my usual primer, for 40ml. And honestly I’d spend the money, I don’t think you can put a price on a good primer!

What else did I get? Sleek eye and cheek palette; See you at Midnight.

Now this is the palette most of us would have picked for ourselves. I went for this palette simply because it’s competely different to any of my other palettes. 

I’ve really enjoyed playing about with this so far. The colours are beautifully pigmented and vibrant. And it’s compact size makes it a perfect palette to keep on your hand bag! 

I love that it has a mirror too! Makes it’s handy size even more…handy! 

Price? £10. Well worth it I think. The brushes it comes with aren’t great, they never are!? But the palette and shadows/blushed are great to create both day and night looks! I might even say this is a bargain! 

Now this next product…I’m a little undecided about. Stripped Skincare, rose hip and mandarin moisturising oil. 

Why am I undecided? Okay…so ever since I was little I’ve hated the feeling of any kind of oil on my hands….and this an oil haha. I’ve tried it…using just the tips of my fingers. It smells amazing! And it did honestly make my skin feel great. But I just don’t like oils! 

However because it is an oil a little bit goes a long way so at £16 it’s not a bad buy if you don’t mind using oil. (Wow, how many times do you want to say the word oil?!)

And lastly Schwarzkopf Professional, Blondeme keratin restore shampoo. 

Now I love a product with a bit of keratin! I have a weekly keratin based hair mask and my conditioner also contains keratin. And since I’ve been using these products my hair has been a lot stronger and healthier. In the summer I highlight my hair a lot! Meaning I damage it a lot! So products the restore strength and life back into my hair are winners in my book! 

It also smells lush! And the smell sticks in your hair, and I love randomly catching a whiff at work…it’s the little things that make me happy! It is designed for blondes but I can see this also being a great all round shampoo! 

How much is it you say? £13 yes £13 for 250ml. That’s cheaper than my usual brand and I could possibly make this switch! 
Overall I’m pleased with this box. Great new products to try. Some might stay and others probably won’t. Looking forward to Aprils box! 

Also keep an eye out for some upcoming Easter themed posts! 

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