Raising Evie….”Arden!” And hidden gems. 

Late raising Evie post from last week….it was window week at work. Posters were missing and I was stressing. Soooo last week I came home and enjoyed the garden with Evie. 

When I was little I think I spent a majority of my time outdoors, there’s a million photos like this one of me with a bowl of water a nappy and a tshirt….and I didn’t need much more than that. It was perfect. And I want that for Evie. 

Thankfully the weather has been good to us recently and we’ve been out clearing out our garden. Evie of course, the perfect little lady that she is, wants to help! So she’s been out there with us and she loves it! I must get asked a million times a day if she came go in the “Arden?” 

She already has a few large toys for the garden and as she is so helpful I decided to get her, her own little gloves and gardening set. The gloves are miles too big, smaller than mummy’s that she was borrowing though, and she has no idea what she’s doing but she loves it and I love that she loves it. She can come home caked in mud any day of the week as long as she has a smile on her face! 

I think As parents it’s important to remember that it’s okay for kids to make a mess and get dirty. That’s what soap was made for. Don’t let them fear dirt or bugs! Let them learn and explore! 

And for all you germaphobes….I came home with scraped knees, mud everywhere and woodlice as pets. And I think I turned out okay!  
And as for the hidden gems. Turns out the old owns left some toys for Evie. 

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