Raising Evie….Easter madness and time with mummy. 

Sooo today was my first day back at work after a wonderful 10 days off! Getting up this morning was the worst. Not just because I had to go back to work but because leaving Evie gets harder and harder. She has such a personality now. She makes me laugh and cry regularly. 

And most of the time she is just wonderful. Like Easter weekend. For those of you who follow us on Instagram you’ll know that we had a busy and fun Easter! 

Starting with making rice crispy nests. You know those simple little cake style things you made in nursery…Evie loved it. Now we’re not big on giving her chocolate but she can have a treat now and then. And she enjoyed licking the spoon whilst mummy built the nests. 

How grown up does she look? How do you stop them growing? It should definitely be a thing you can do! 

After lunch we had an Easter egg hunt. With 33, yes 33 little eggs. 

She still has a fair few to go and she is sharing them with mummy and daddy. 
The rest of our time together mainly consisted of watching Disney films….we did venture to Cambridge for a little shopping spree and we caught up with an old friend over nachos! It honestly was another perfect week. 

We still saw nana and grandad. And played football even though we were dressed more like Posh than Becks! 

And to finish off the week we had a chill weekend that of course ended in Evie spending most of her time in the “Arden!” Who knew you could fall in love over and over again! I’m beyond proud of my little lady, and I couldn’t be happier with the little girl she is becoming. 

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