April Glossybox review!!!

Again another month has flown by! I can’t believe it’s May next week! 

I feel like I never have enough time. In reality I just need to kick my butt in to gear more often haha. Anyone else feel like that?!

Anyway, glossybox! This month came with a variety of products as per usual! 

My favourite being one of the smaller offerings! Merci Handy, love and hand cleansing gel. 

This cutie RRP’s at £2.90 which isn’t at all bad for a hand sanitizer! Now I hate the thought of dirty hands, and I get the train and other people can be gross! So hand sanitizer is a handbag must have of mine! This one has teeny tiny beads to help soften your hands. I got black vanill scent and it literally smells like cake. It’s amazing! 10/10

Okay so I realllllllly wanted to love the next product! SportFx shape up brow pencil. 

So this is a range specially designed for those of us who like to look good and workout. It’s a cool double ended brow pencil with a brush at one end to perfect your brows! However when I initially signed up to glossybox it asked my hair colour, blonde. However my eyebrows have always always always been super dark! So my blonde version of this product doesn’t really work for me! 😫 I still tried it out and I love that it’s water resistant nobody wants brows running down their face! This RRP’s at £7.99 so maybe I’ll check out their other shades. 

Contouring is still a huge thing and products are appearing everywhere to help! Contour sticksare huge! ModelCo contour stick. 

This contour stick glides! It makes defining your cheekbones easy! And easily blended! Check out glossybox’s Beauty Unboxed for tips and tricks on how else to use this handy pen! Full size RRP’s at £17.

Okay so mascara is a must for most of us out there. Like even people who don’t wear make up wear mascara! This little tester, Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL. 

Okay so My lashes are super fair and thin. They are really long though! And this mascara really helps to highlight that. However the full size version RRP’s at £24! And as much as I like using it I can get one that works just a well for like £2. Haha. So for now I’ll enjoy my little tester and when it runs out I’ll go back to my bargain mascara! 

Lastly…Elgon Delilah Cleansing conditioner. 

Reading the beauty news when this arrived I was like this is a 2in1…really? It looks so….posh! I just don’t see 2in1 products as being posh haha. I haven’t used this as a shampoo conditioner combined I’ve used it with my regular shampoo and it does leave my hair feeling soft and ready for the day. At £14.50 for the full sized version I could totally see this as being an addition to my vast beauty collection. 

Overall really pleased with this month. Looking forward to next months box. The sneak peek looks really interesting and I can’t wait to try it! What did you guys think? What products would you like to try? 

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