Raising Evie….growing up unique.

So as you all know my little bear isn’t your average joe! From the very beginning it was clear life with Evie was going to be…different! 

What was suspected club foot turned out to be a whole host of things. Her orthopaedic surgeon had never seen anyone like her before, and because of that she took each day as it came and was open and honest in saying she didn’t really know what to do all the time.

She’s putting off surgery as long as she can. Letting Evie grow. She’s been in Evie’s life since she was just hours old and honestly her ideas are the reason Evie can walk. There’s a long journey ahead and I suspect by the end she’ll be very much a part of Evie’s unique journey into adulthood. 

Now that Evie has this whole counting to 10 thing down. I make sure to let her count her toes. So that she is aware of the difference….mummy and Daddy have 10 toes and she only has 8. I don’t want it to come as a shock that she is different, I want to prepare her as much as I can. I know children can be cruel and bullying is a massive thing nowadays and I think it’s truly important as a parent to prepare your children for the things they may face. 

Eventually Evie will have to be the one to accept her differences, that’s not something I can do for her. But as a mum I can prepare her, comfort her and remind her that she is special, she is clever and she is beautiful! 

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