Manchester Attack

Today I woke up to the awful news that there had been yet another attack on innocent people. Terrorist attacks are always cold and heartless, but this time was the first time I was afraid, I was going to see Ariana Grande this Friday, and I realised it could have easily happened when I was there, but then I reminded myself that I cannot be afraid, I have to live my life, I can’t let these things create a fear that keeps me shut off from the world. We have to remember that this attack is nobody’s fault, except those who planned it and carried it out. 


I will never understand how anyone could think that killing innocent people is a solution to anything, nothing can justify that, no religion, no problem, no grudge could go deep enough to justify killing an 8 year old little girl. I do however know why they do it, they want to brake us, they want to scare us in to hiding and they want us to give up. Well we won’t, they are the minority, and they always will be. Every time they’ve attacked us, every time they’ve torn a family apart, we’ve stood together, we’ve faced our fears and carried on. 


My promise to my daughter is to love her and to protect her as much as I can and to never hold her back because of fear, be it hers or my own. As a mother I want to keep my daughter safe, lock her up and keep her sheltered from this cruel world, but I can’t because that’s not the life I wanted for her, I want my daughter to see the world and enjoy everything it has to offer. Mostly I want her not to be afraid to do something, It is my job to keep her as safe as I can, it’s also my job to encourage her to grow and learn new things. I cannot teach her to fear the world, but I can teach her to be kind, helpful, loving and disappointingly I will have to teach her that not everyone can be trusted. That some people have lost their humanity. 

My heart goes out to those families that are grieving, those that are still searching for their loved ones and those who were injured. Please do lot let fear control your life. Please don’t let them win. 

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