Rome Part 1

Sooooo here I am waking up in beautiful Rome! 

Yesterday was mainly traveling but I still got to enjoy the beauty of Rome on the drive in… posts over the next few days will cover that, this post however will firstly cover what mental drivers Italians are! Ha. The roads are a free for all. Lanes are sometimes used, sometimes drivers just drive between two. But everyone cuts each other up! Frazer and I spent the entire ride from the hotel commenting on how crazy the drivers were! 

Thankfully our hotel is down a quiet street away from the beeping horns and possible crashes. The view from the terrace is amazing. Hotels with rooftop bars are the one. (View to come later today!) 

Even though our plane took off almost an hour late we arrived in good time to still arrive in daylight. And flying over the Alps with such a clear view was amazing! You can only imagine the sheer scale of them by trying to compare them to the tiny houses in the towns scattered below. 

A picture cannot do them justice. But we were in awe of how pretty the world can be! 

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