Rome part 2

So it was our first full day in Rome and still avoiding the crazy drivers. 

But we mainly wanted to get an idea of where we actually were and how to get everywhere. We happend to stumble across a couple of sights on the way too! 

We can see the colosseum from our hotel so we thought we’d head in that direction and check it out! And soon enough we found it. 

Amazing. Of course plenty of people are there to make money and sell tickets but if you just pretend not to speak the language they’re speaking it’s fine. Today we simply took in the view from outside and we’re heading back tomorrow to take a peak inside. It’s amazing to see how long most of the architecture has held strong all these years it’s also amazing to see them working in restoring the building. 

We slowly walked looking for a quick pit stop; looking for coffee, gelato a place to rest poor Frazers feet 🙄 but instead we ended up here….

Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II, classically beautiful Roman building. Lots to see inside and out.

We had spotted the glass elevator from the colosseum and at the time had no intention of heading up there but when in Rome right?!  And I’m so glad we did. Beautiful views and on this photo the ray of sun is pointing to the colosseum in the distance. 😍

And to the other side the rest of Rome looks vast and it made it easier for us to pick a spot for coffee and gelato haha. 

After re-fulling with gelato we went for a walk and stumbled soon the Trevi Fountain. Super busy but still breathtaking! 

We sat here for a while laughing at all the “models” having their pictures taken. If you love people watching Rome is the place for you, sir and enjoy the wannabe models get their poor partners take a million photos changing pose each time. 

Time flies when you’re having fun and we realised we didn’t really have lunch so we went in search of dinner. Somehow we ended up back near  termini station and again stumbled; I’ve been stumbling non stop here, there’s a step to our bathroom and I fall out of it every time; but we stumbled across this cute little restaurant in an historic building. Walked in and we were surprised with a flight of stairs to their roof terrace beautiful setting sheilded from the sun by a tree, all the waiters were typically Italian, and added a really great atmosphere, we obvs had pasta. Yum! And wine! Frazer did not enjoy the limoncello provided with the bill! But I adored that all the glasses had their logo on 

We walked off our pasta (Although my sister just told me Carbs are calorie free in Rome 😜 ) and headed back to the fountain. It looks amazing lit up too! 

Again we sat here and people watched until we started yawning and decided to head back to the hotel. 

First full day in Rome was amazing saw so much more than I’ve mentioned here too! I’m so glad we’ve been lucky enough to do this! Rome might be a little rough around the edges but (for this weekend at least) it has my heart. 

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