Bye bye Roma! Roma bye bye! 

So it was our last full day in Rome today 😂 and I will tell you all about the last couple of days in my next blog post. 

This one however will be about the meal we just had! 

We’d seen the Amedeo Ristorante online and read the reviews which seemed good! It turns out it was just a stones throw away from our hotel so we decided to finish our holiday there. We were not disappointed! It was amazing! The menu is the perfect size.Lots of choices for differen palettes! I am a seafood lover! So the squid jumped out at me. Served with a balsamic dressing, toasted bread and spinach (lightly dressed with chilli) it came out and looked amazing! I was pleasantly surprised! 

I know squid isn’t for everyone, but the waiter said “The squid? Excellent!”, when I ordered and it was exactly that it was excellent! Perfectly presented too! The balsamic dressing was just enough and added just the right flavour. The squid was meaty and perfectly cooked (not chewy like the frozen shit!) And the spinach was a nice little addition not at all bitter, perfectly cooked and the kick of chilli add the tiny bit of heat the dish needed! 

Frazer had the steak. Served with, tartar sauce, red onion relish and a Parmesan dressing (which was amazing btw!) he asked for it medium rare and usually he has it slightly more medium than rare but as it was a quality bit of beef, it was a perfectly cooked, melt in your mouth, full of flavour steak. This was served with house fries which resemble slices of a British chunky chip. These again we perfectly seasoned with sea salt. Of course to make it fair we tried each other’s meals and this was just as nice as mine! A great option for meat lovers! 

We had also had a nosey at the sides menu and well, seeing as we are on holiday and we it is our last dinner here, we thought we’d try the Roast potatoes, with mozzarella. Again I was not disappointed, seasoned with rosemary and other herbs and black pepper these were a nice little addition to both of our meals! 

Now look I told you it was our last night and we’ll dessert just had to happen. So tiramisu happened. In their menu it’s descirbed as Amedeo homemade special tiramisu…it was actually the best tiramisu I’ve had! You dig to the bottom of the jar to find the coffee soaked sponge and get a spoon full of creamy, custardy goodness! If we weren’t full I would have had another! 

Frazer struggled to choose between Lemon sorbet and chocolate truffle ice cream. He settled on the ice cream and what he got was rich, creamy, melt in the middle dessert. It was like a little ice cream dumpling, filled with chocolate truffle surrounded but chocolate and chocolate truffle ice cream. It was a chocolate lovers heaven!


Overall a really stunning meal in a lovely little side street, with wonderful, happy staff.
My only wish was that we were here for longer to go back for another visit! 


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