Rome part 4

It’s official I have the holiday blues. Waaaah! 

We’ve been back for 3 days and I’m still not motivated to do anything! 

To cheer myself up. Or maybe it’ll depress me more I thought I’d share what we got up to on our last couple of days in Rome! 

After the first couple of days we (meaning I) managed to work out where everything was and the best way to get everywhere. And how to survive on the heat! After popping by the colosseum…again; we legit went every day! Frazer loved it way too much! Haha. He even watched Gladiator on the flight home! Anyway we passed by Circo Massimo also known as Circus Maximus, it’s now basically a large field. But you can still see a few of the remains of the original buildings, and the layout of the chariot race circuit. There’s also a great view across to Palatine hill. Where legend says Rome was founded. 

From here we went off to the Vatican. The city with in a city. Cross the river on one of the bridges with multiple sculptures turn the corner and you’re faced with St Peters Basilica, which is not only huge it’s grand and beautifully looked after. 

The Vatican City is also home to the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel which we need to go back a fully enjoy. Along with the Spanish steps! (Roman Holiday is one of my fave films!) 

Okay so see that tower up there. The big dome. Now if you’re brace enough you can climb the 551 steps to the top or you can take a lift and climb only 320…..we decided 551 wasn’t that more than 320 so we climbed the whole way. #regret. Haha. I am joking because firstly we climbed this on the Sunday and got an amazing birds eye view of Sunday Mass, secondly the views from the top are amazing. They’re worth every step! Also the refreshments shop on the way down is a fab addition! Highlight was definitely the view though! 

So after our first trip to the colosseum we knew we wanted to go inside, we finally got the chance to on our last afternoon and we were not disappointed, joining a tour we found out some “facts” if you’ve ever lived in a touristy place you’ll understand why the work facts is in air quotes! 

Regardless of what/ of any of it were true the stories were cool to hear. I even got emotional when they mentioned how many animals were killed there! All tickets to the colosseum include entry to Palatine Hill and the Roman forum. You can see some of this from the roads, but do go in and check it out. There’s lots of stories about the buildings there again some truer than others. It’s also said to be where Rome was founded. 

Lastly fountains! They’re literally everywhere. Each one has its own little story here are some of my faves! ​

Overall Rome was amazing. Saw things I never thought I’d get than chance to see. And I will most definitely be going back! To catch all the things we missed. I mean we saw more than I could even describe across these blog posts there is something to see on every street! I recommend this trip to anyone! It’s certainly not a chilll out holiday. But it’s an amazing one! 
We love Rome ❤️

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