Why I’ve not posted in forever 

I love taken some time off my blog recently. And the reason why, was to spend sometime first and foremost with Evie. Although she is going through the terrible 2s (which I am told never end) she’s at such a lovely  age, we can have conversations and she makes me laugh daily. I just really enjoy her company. 

Second reason is to just take sometime for me. I’ve been super exhausted. Like really exhausted and as soon as I get home from work I just shut down. 

But whilst I took some time off. I’ve been planning and working on lots of blog posts. Mondays will still be focused on my “Raising Evie….” posts which will return next week with a hospital update. 😊

My monthly Glossybox reviews will also return. Plus more outfit of the day posts and Autumn/Winter stock is arriving in stores already and that means that it’s getting to my fave time of year! 

So welcome back and keep an eye out for my new posts. 😊😊

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