Rasing Evie….another visit to the hospital. 

So on Friday I took Evie to the hospital for a 6 month check up. As always it was a long afternoon spent at Addenbrookes. Another X-ray and another afternoon sitting in waiting rooms. 

Of course Evie…..being Evie, was wonderful and played with toys and other children until her appointments. Except for some bossy moments she was perfectly well behaved. Being poked and prodded and being told what to do all afternoon and still she was her happy smiling self. I still have no idea what I’ve done to deserve such a beautiful little lady. 

From the new X-ray you can start to see a real difference in the length of her legs. It’s measuring at roughly 2cms. For now we’re going to get a 1cm show lift for her left foot, so she doesn’t have problems with her hips in the future. Shoe lifts are added to the sole of a shoe; specialists and cobblers slice a gap in the sole and add a lift to lessen the discrepancy, meaning unless we want her shoes to get super expensive we need to be careful about what shoes we buy. 

Once we get an appointment for that I think we will take a trip to measure her feet. No point in adding lifts to shoes that won’t fit her after a couple of weeks.

After we discussed that we got on to the harder topic. What’s next? What is the plan after a shoe lift? Well for Evie it is likely that she will need at least one leg lengthening procedure. Now of course I’ve read all about it, and I’m not really sure how to feel. It’s a strange feeling, I know it’s something that will make her better. I also know that it’s painful; and we will have to  be in it for the long haul one procedure lasts up to six months. It leaves scars and the frame itself isn’t pretty. 

So far she has been strong and resilient  to everything she’s been through, but this is huge. This will be the biggest thing she’ll have to face. I just hope she stays strong! I have a feeling she’ll fine and she’ll be telling me that it’ll all be okay. We’ve got a couple of years until this happens and we will prepare her and ourselves as much as we can. 

Evie continues to make me so proud even if she drives me insane in a daily basis. 

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