Raising Evie…..week with Mummy and potty training.

So today I went back to work after another wonderful week with Evie. 

She is becoming a hilarious little lady. The weekend before my week off was my dad’s birthday BBQ, and I think all the guests told me how wonderful she was! My sister captured a wonderful moment with Grandad; ​

pretending to be aeroplanes. 

She had a wonderful day, some family friends came with their two daughters, who are a lot older than Evie, but soon their arrival Evie kept shouting “children!! Children! Hi children!” It sounded like I had deprived her of human contact! But they made for great play mates for Evie! They weren’t allowed to sit down for even a second. And Evie loved it.
Later in the week, still enjoying the lovely weather, we went to a local farm to check out some of the animals (and the play area 🙄) The obsession with pigs continues. The whole day all she wanted to see was the pigs…..

She loved getting up close and personal with the pigglets! When we could drag here away from the pigs it was because she went on the trampoline….

Now the kid can’t jump, well she can, she’s just not very co-ordinated. So she used the other children….she sat in the middle and let them bounce her….girls got a brain. 

We will definitely be taking her there again. She was in her element! 

Towards the end of the week we took her to an indoor play area…..kid is mental. Climbing and sliding about everywhere. Again she loved it! I’m so glad she’s getting old enough to enjoy these kind of things. 

But getting older means saying goodbye to nappies! Friday we took the nappy away and she did really well…but it’s been downhill ever since. She has this hatred for the potty! She was even trying to put a nappy in herself. And it’s so frustrating because I know she knows what to do! And I know she can do it! 

So I’ve surrounded her with potty training story books, she gets treats for sitting on the potty and she gets even bigger treats for actually doing something in the potty! It’s going better….but jeez it’s a struggle! 

Patience is key. But I’m slowly running out! Cannot wait to be in the other side of this!!! 

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