Raising Evie…..time for nursery. 

So yesterday was the day. My baby is officially in nursery. 

Much to my delight;and a pinch of disappointment that she no longer needs me; she loved it! She had a fab day at her taster session and I had to drag her out kicking and screaming, so she was really excited about her first full day at nursery. And I don’t think she was disappointed. I got there and she’d had a complete change of clothes when I went to pick her up, she’d got herself covered in paint and got soaked washing her hands. But essentially that’s what we pay for. We pay for her to have fun and get messy and enjoy it all.

In true Evie style she had a bump on her first day. She fell off the toilet….luckily in to the nursery staffs leg. But still ended up with a bump on her head. Of course when they told me I wasn’t surprised. This kid is accident prone and I’ve explained everything to them before. So they know and they will get used to her falling over and being clumsy. 

I’m so happy and so proud of this little girl. She has taken everything in her stride and never complains or fusses….unless she’s asked to put her toys away. I don’t think she’ll ever understand how proud I am. 

The NICU nurses that looked after her almost three years ago never thought her leg would be fixed or that she’d be able to walk….if only they could see her now! Skipping all the way home after a fab first day at nursery. 

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